Ribbon Fiber Stripper  RS03

The RS03 is designed and developed with emphasis on operability and usability where less force is required for the stripping process. Furthermore,equipped with new features such as large capacity battery for 600 stripping cycles, 6 times larger than conventional stripper, and wireless link with smartphones for operational parameters adjustment.
These fiber stripping tools are also compatible with stripping Fujikura latest Spider Web RibbonTM ,which consists of optical fibers (with a coating diameter of 250μm or 200 μm) fixed intermittently.

  • 20% less gripping force compared to previous model
  • Quiker Heating Time
  • Ergonomic Design
  • High capacity battery approx. 600 times
  • Bluetooth capability for wireless connection with Smartphones
  • Coating diameter available from 200μm to 500μm
Ribbon Fiber Stripper RS02 / RS03(PDF 851KB) Spliceplus app(PDF 296KB) Certificaciones inalámbricas(PDF 921KB)

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