Nyfors CleaveMeter 2

The CleaveMeterTM interferometer system is designed for inspecting the surface quality, flatness and perpendicularity of cleaved and polished optical fibers. Complementing the NYFORS AutoCleaverTM line of automatic fiber cleavers with process documentation and optimization functionality, it allows every cleave to be individually inspected and evaluated even in high volume production environments.

  • Full resolution surface reconstruction
  • 2D view of surface topography and pointwise slope
  • Extremely accurate, operator independent measurements of cleave angle and surface flatness over arbitrary diameters
  • Optional pass/fail indication of cleave angle for fast operation in production environments
  • Fiber laser
  • Optical device
  • Medical equipments
Nyfors CleaveMeter 2(PDF 1,758KB) Total Brochure(PDF 1803KB)

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