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Advanced Optical
Fiber Cleaver

The CT-101/102 is designed for cleaving silica fiber with 80 to 250µm cladding diameter. It is also capable of precision angled fiber cleaves. The CT-101 is designed to accommodate the Fujikura FH-100 fiber holders while the CT-102 has been designed to accommodate the FH-70 fiber holders.

Product Variation


Cladding diameter80 to 125μm
Cleave length
3 to 40mm
Angle cleaving

Fiber holderFH-100FH-70


1.Adjustable Cleaving Length

Fiber Holder base position is adjustable in accordance with your cleave length needs.


Adjustable fiber cleaving length

2.Adjastable Fiber Cleaving tension

You can change the CT101/102 tension for differing cladding diameters and fiber constructions.

3.Angled Fiber Cleaving

Angled cleaving from 0-15°is possible for fibers up to 250μm cladding diameter.
The operator twists the right side clamp until it contacts the stopper.
The stopper position is adjustable by the operator.

4.Digital Counter

Cleaving count shown on the digital counter. It is easy to track when the blade needs replaced.


Digital counter

5.Dual power sources . (AC or Battery)

CT-101/102 can be powered by either 4 “AA” sized batteries, or with the ADC-16 AC Adaptor.

Standard package
 Item Model Qty
Advanced Optical Fiber CleaverCT-101 or CT-1021pc
AC AdapterADC-161pc
AC Power CordACC-xx
08 : Japan,
09 : USA,

10 : UK,
11 : EU,

12 : Australia
Hexagonal WrenchHEX-01
For blade adjustment
For angle adjustment
For tension adjustment  
Hexagonal WrenchHEX-02
For cleave length adjustment
Instruction ManualM-CT101-E1pc
Cleave Test Report1pc
 Item  Model
Fiber Holder for CT-101 FH-100-xxx FH-100-xxxEV
Fiber Holder for CT-102 FH-70-xxx
Cleave Blade CB-06A