Single Fiber Fusion Splicer for FTTx  12S-C

The revolutionary 12S-C compress field proven fixed v-groove and dual axis observation system into a palm size package.
Selectable 2 types of fiber setting methods, Sheath Clamp System or Fiber Holder System.
The contour is specially designed for splicing fibers in narrow space environment commonly faced by FTTH installers.

  • Excellent for FTTx.
  • Selectable 2 types of fiber setting methods, Sheath Clamp System or Fiber Holder System.
  • World's smallest & lightest.
  • Superior mobility for aerial/confines space.
  • Fixed v-groove, dual-axis observation system.
Brochure & Manual
Fujikura Single Fiber Fusion Splicer for FTTx 12S-C(PDF 623KB) Quick Reference Guide 12S-C(PDF 903KB)

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