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Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer
41S+ Kit

The 41S+ is now equipped with "ACTIVE FUSION CONTROL TECHNOLOGY" and "ACTIVE BLADE MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY" to maintain consistent low loss splicing results.
These two technologies, allow customers to achieve more stable low-loss splicing, reducing the need for rework and re-splicing.

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Active Fusion Control Technology

1. Active Fusion control by cleave condition

One of main causes of high splice loss is bad cleave end face quality. The 41S+ analyzes the condition of both L and R cleave end faces and applies optimal fusion control. This new technology improves splice loss significantly and greatly reduces needs for rework.

Splice loss with large cleave angle : 3 <θ< 5 degree

*G.652 splicing result measured with a cut-back method. The splicing result changes depending on the fiber type and fiber characteristics.

2. Active Fusion control by fiber brightness

Fusion is easily affected by changes in the environment.
The 41S+ uses real-time fusion parameter control by analyzing the fiber brightness intensity during splicing. This contributes to stable, low-loss splice results.

Analyzing the fiber’s brightness intensity

Active Blade Management Technology

1. Active Blade rotation by motor

The 41S+ and CT50 fiber cleaver are equipped with wireless data connectivity. This capability allows automatic cleaver blade rotation when the 41S+ judges the blade is worn.

2. Active Blade life management

The 41S+ displays the remaining blade life and informs the user when a blade height change, blade position change, or new blade is required.

Enhanced Splice Quality

The graphs below show the number of cleaves on the horizontal line with frequency of large cleave angle, bad cleave shape and failure to cleave. When the frequency of large cleave angle or other cleave problems increases, Active Blade Management Technology can detect this increasing ratio of poor cleaves and rotate the blade position automatically. Active Blade Management Technology therefore significantly reduces the frequency of poor quality cleaves. Even when a poor cleave is detected, the 41S+ compensates by using Active Fusion Control Technology to apply optimized fusion to reduce the incidence of high splice loss.

By using these 2 key technologies together, the 41S+ minimizes the occurrence of high splice loss and greatly reduces the need for rework and re-splicing.

User Friendly

1. Easy Fiber Protection Sleeve Positioning

The shape of the sheath clamp is optimized for the 60mm length protection sleeve. The length from the splice point to the edge of the sheath clamp is 30mm. Therefore, it is easy to center the protection sleeve over the splice by using your finger as the reference point.

2. Universal Tube Heater

The 41S+ fusion splicer can accommodate splice sleeves with a diameter of up to 6.0mm. Therefore, it supports a wide range of protection sleeve sizes.

3. Easy replacement of consumable parts

3-1 Tool-less Electrodes replacement

The 41S+ electrodes comes as an assembly including electrode mounting fixture and thumb screw. The thumb screw is easily loosened or tightened by hand without tools. This enables easy electrode replacement.

Electrodes replacement without tools

3-2 User replaceable blade and rubber clamps

The CT50 fiber cleaver has a user replaceable blade and rubber clamps – there’s no need to send the device to a service center for blade or clamp replacement.

Replaceable rubber clamps

Replaceable blade

4. Carrying Case

There are multiple ways to utilize the 41S+ carrying case. The 41S+ is ready to use just by opening the case, but the splicer with an included work tray can also be removed. The tray can be placed on top of the carrying case or other work surface, mounted it on a tripod, etc.

5. Work Tray

The work tray has a drawer which can slide open to expand the work area. The tray has convenient features such as a recess to lock an included alcohol dispensing bottle in place to prevent it from falling.