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Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
90S Kit

The 90S is a core alignment fusion splicer, setting a new standard in the market for fusion splicing. The 90S is packed with a whole host of new and enhanced features, specifically developed to enable faster splice cycle times with higher precision.

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True Core Alignment

1. Core Alignment Technology

The 90S fusion splicer has high precision lenses which provide accurate core to core alignment regardless of core-cladding concentricity error. Also, the lenses allow the splicer to discriminate between fiber types.

2. Advanced Image Processing Technology

The 90S possesses advanced image processing technology which analyzes the profile of the fiber image as a brightness pattern. The 90S finds the true core position and achieves the consistent lower splice loss.

3. Fiber Discrimination Function

The 90S fusion splicer automatically identifies the optimum parameters in accordance with the fiber type.

Faster Automation

The faster automated features of the 90S fusion splicer reduce installation times. With this splicer, an operator can complete the entire splicing process from splicing to heating without touching the 90S and only moving the fiber.

                          Wind protectors                                                                      Tube hearer clamp

The fiber retention clamps support the automated operations. When the sheath clamps open automatically after splicing, the fiber retention clamps gently hold the spliced fiber to keep it from flying out. The retention clamps release when the fiber is lifted by the operator.


Time for opening wind protector
and sheath clamp after splicing

Time for placing fiber into heater





User Friendly

1. Easy Fiber Protection Sleeve Positioning

The shape of the sheath clamp is optimized for the 60mm length protection sleeve. The length from splice point to the edge of the sheath clamp is 30mm. Therefore, it is easy to center the protection sleeve over the splice by using your finger as the reference splice point.

2. Carrying Case

There are multiple ways to utilize the 90S carrying case. The 90S is ready to use just by opening the case, but it is also possible to use the 90S on top of the carrying case or only with the work tray depending on the work environment.

3. Work Tray

The newly designed work tray has many functions. There are two drawers for storage, and the drawers are large enough to store tools or battery packs. Also, the work tray can be divided in two, so it is configurable to fit your work space.

4. Loose Tube Compatibility

The sheath clamp of the 90S fusion splicer is compatible with loose tube fiber. The Protrusion part on of the sheath clamp for loose tube fiber engages or retracts by simply changing the switch position with your finger.

Active Blade Management Technology

1. Automatic Blade Rotation

The 90S fusion splicer and CT50 fiber cleaver are enabled with wireless data connectivity. This capability allows automatic cleaver blade rotation when the splicer judges the blade is worn. Also, the 90S fusion splicer can connect to two CT50s simultaneously.

Motorized blade

2. Blade Life Management

The 90S fusion splicer displays the remaining blade life and informs the user when a blade height change, position change, or new blade is required.