AFL PowerCleave

AFL’s PowerCleave combines the precision of an ultrasonic cleaver with the ease and improved fiber management of the Fujikura fiber holder system. The PowerCleave™ utilizes the tensile stress method to avoid touching or damaging the bare glass surface during cleaving, ensuring highly robust, reliable and durable splice results. The PowerCleave provides consistent flat ends even at cleave lengths as short as 3 mm. Specially designed for use with Fujikura’s specialty market splicers, this advanced cleaving system allows for more reliability and greater splicing consistency with less dependence on operator technique.

  • Tensile cleaving with ultrasonic blade
  • Constant,low-angle cleaves of short cleave-length fibers
  • Fiber holder system reduces fiber handling
  • Clean,reliable quality
Key markets
  • Optical components
  • Sensing systems
  • Medical equipments
Brochure & Manual
AFL PowerCleave(PDF 221KB) Total Brochure(PDF 3747KB)

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