Optical Fiber Automatic Preparation Machine  APM-101

The APM-101 perform all the steps required to prepare optical fibers before splicing – automatically and with high consistency. This includes stripping the fiber without degrading fiber quality, cleaning fiber with alcohol to remove coating residue, and cleaving consistently at a right angle to the fiber axis. The entire process is complete in as little as 23 seconds.

  • Used in combination with Fiber holder FH-100-250/FH-100-250EV/FH-40-250
  • Automatic, no skills required.
  • Quick operation as little as 23 sec for stripping / cleaning / cleaving.
  • Automatic residue collection and cleaning.
  • Alcohol circulation system allowing prolonged time between refills.
  • Diamond blade provides consistent cleaving quality.
  • Stripping method reliable with minimum fiber damage.
Key markets
  • Optical components
  • Medical equipments
  • Research and others
Brochure & Manual
Optical Fiber Automatic Preparation Machine APM-101/APM-102(PDF 845KB) Total Brochure(PDF 3747KB)

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