Fiber Cleaver  CT58

The CT58 is designed for cleaving silica optical fiber with an 80μm cladding diameter. Minimum 3mm cleave is possible, while the coating to be clamped. The CT58 accepts the FH-100 series Fiber Holder System.

  • Only for single optical fiber
  • Cleave length 3 to 5mm, 8 to 10mm
  • Automatic cleaving blade rotation
  • User replaceable fiber clamps and cleaving blade
  • Wide lever opening angle allows easy fiber placement
  • Easy operation using fiber holder system
Key markets
  • Optical components
  • Sensing system
  • Medical equipments
  • Research and others
Brochure & Manual
Fiber Cleaver CT52/CT58(PDF 649KB) Total Brochure(PDF 3747KB)

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