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Fiber Arrangement Tool

The FAT-04 is designed to arrange 250μm coated fibers and to make a temporary ribbon configuration so that the fibers may be mass fusion spliced using the same procedures as conventional ribbon fiber.


Easy operation

It is easy to insert fibers into gap from side to order the fibers. The glued fibers are easy to handle the splicing operation.

Glued fibers is easy to splicing operation

Standard package
 Item Model Qty
Main Body FAT-04 1 pc
Paste Applicator Block PAB-01 1 pc
Clip CLP-02 2 pcs
Paste FAA-03A 1bottle (130ml)
Sponge Pads SP-1 1pack (125 blks)
Cotton Swabs FM-225 1pack (100 pcs.)
Instruction Manual – 1 pc
 Paste FAA-03A


(5 bottles x 130ml)

 Fiber Holders FH-70-xxRefer below table
Fiber Holders
Fiber Count2 fibers4 fibers5 fibers6 fibers8 fibers10 fibers12 fibers