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Ribbon Fiber Stripper

The RS02/03 was developed with emphasis on ease-of-use, flexibility, and ergonomics. This thermal stripper requires less force for the stripping process than previous generations. Furthermore, the new RS03 is equipped with a large capacity battery for 600 stripping cycles, 6 times longer than conventional thermal strippers.

Product Variation

Cladding diameter125μm
Coating diameter200 to 400μm
Battery OperationNot availableAvailable


User Friendly

1. Lower Stripping Force

The RS series ribbon stripper has an ergonomic design and requires lower stripping force than the previous strippers.

Ergonomic Design

Previous Model


Stripping Force

2. Stripping Condition Control

When the user changes the splice mode, e.g. from 12 fiber ribbon splice mode to SWR fiber splice mode, the RS series ribbon stripper automatically changes its heating temperature and time with a wireless command from the splicer.

Heat temperature changes in accordance with Splice mode

3. Universal Ribbon Stripper for RS02/03

The RS series ribbon strippers are compatible with 200 µm to 400µm coated fibers without replacing the stripper blades.

Available thickness range

4. Battery Capacity  for RS03

The RS03 equips the high capacity battery that is available for 600 stripping cycles*.

*Tested at room temperature with a non-degraded battery and Eco-mode turned on. The number of cycles changes depending on the environmental conditions, stripper settings, and battery condition.