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Optical Fiber Temporary
Jointing Device
TJ series

The TJ series is designed to temporarily join optical fiber and/or fibers ribbon by using fiber holders.
Precision manufactured fixed V-grooves, are used to set and align the fibers. The Fiber holder bases slide forward to join the fibers by turning the jointing dial so the two fiber ends touch. Proper working illumination makes for easier observation of the fiber.

Product Variation



Fiber countUp to 4 fiber ribbonUp to 8 fiber ribbonUp to 12 fiber ribbon


Temporary Jointing

The compact designed TJ series provides simple temporary joining of optical fibers. Using index matching oil, which is a standard item, is recommended to obtain lower joining loss.

Standard package
 Item  Model  Qty
Optical Fiber Temporary Jointing Devise                   TJ-01/TJ-02/TJ-03 1 pc.
Matching Oil  MOI-01 10ml
Instruction Manual  – 1 pc.
Dry Cell Battery  AAA size 1 pc.
Fiber Model
Single (250mm) FH-60-250 FH-50-250
Single (900mm) FH-60-900 FH-50-900
2-fiber ribbon FH-50-2
4-fiber ribbon FH-50-4
5-fiber ribbon FH-50-5
6-fiber ribbon FH-50-6
8-fiber ribbon FH-50-8
10-fiber ribbon FH-50-10
12-fiber ribbon FH-50-12
 Item  Model
 Fiber Holders FH-xx  See below table
 Magnifying Glass MGS-02
 Single Fiber Stripper SS-01 for 250mm fiber
 Single Fiber Stripper SS-03 for 900mm fiber
 Ribbon Fiber Stripper RS02 / 03 for fiber ribbon
High precision fiber cleaver CT50 series