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Ribbon Fiber Stripper

How to clean heater plate, blades and rubber pad for RS03


Why cleaning the heater, heater rubber, and coating removal blade is necessary ?

Coating scraps, dust adhering to the heater and heater rubber may degrade the quality of stripping fiber coating.
Also, it becomes the reason of broken fiber.

Principle of stripping operation

Below shows the principle of the stripping operation.
・Heat the coating by a heater to soften it.
・Hold the coating by frictional force of the rubber and pull out the cladding.

If you forget cleaning...

Fiber scrapes remained on the heater surface may occur fiber breakage.

How often the cleaning is necessary ?

Fujikura’s recommendation: Every time after stripping.

But if below symptom occur, please clean there more carefully.
 ・When the coating was not stripped cleanly.
 ・When the optical fiber broke.

Necessary Item

How to clean

1. Cleaning point

2. Remove the coating scraps with the brush.

Reference :
It is convenient to use modified brush as below.
You can remove the coating dust on the top and bottom simultaneously.

3. Use a cotton swab with alcohol to remove stuck-on coating dust.

*Be careful not to touch the heater surface, because it becomes hot.
  Also, do not touch the blade with hands, because it has sharp edge.

Reference: Modified Brush - Using 70mm width Brush sold in market -

Cut the brush bristles with approximately 100 degrees.